Vocational & Day Program Services

Providing Opportunities for Enriched Lives

Vocational & Day Program Services are individualized supports and services, provided in a variety of work settings.

Emphasis is on community inclusion, with the workshop serving as a resource center.  The long-term goal is for the person to achieve the highest degree of independence possible.

Education Opportunities

Lifelong learning is an important part of the human experience. We assist people to connect with educational opportunities in the community through Adult Education Classes offered in a variety of settings. Options of opportunities are ever changing in the community. Some examples of opportunities that people have participated in include: GED classes; computer classes; welding classes and art classes

Work training opportunities

We provide opportunities for people to become more skilled in the labor force while working in a closely supervised setting. This training is done in a supported environment and focuses on increasing work habits and work skills while experimenting with different types of work.

Alternative to Work Opportunities

We provide services to people ranging in age from young adults to seniors. People for a variety of reasons throughout their lifespan may choose at some point to seek enrichment opportunities in areas other than employment. For these people we offer our Alternative to Work opportunities. We tap into their individualized interests and assist in designing supports to help them find meaningful experiences.

This service focuses on “enrichment” that provides purposeful activities such as tutoring services, exercise classes, water aerobics, social and leisure options. Supports can be provided in a supported environment or throughout the community.

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