Our Vision & Values

The mission of Ability Building Services, Inc. is to provide people with opportunities for enriched lives.

Ability Building Services vision and values are centered around supporting people in a variety of community based settings while embracing the right of people to live as independently as possible.

Our Vision

All people live in a state of dignity and share in the elements of living in the community. We believe that all people, regardless of their abilities, are capable of continuous learning and growing and are entitled to every opportunity to express and enhance that growth in the most natural setting. Our existence is based on programs that offer freedoms, promote rights and opportunities for growth. We embrace the right of people to live as independently as possible, supported to the extent that is necessary to meet their needs in a manner that uses and respects the ordinary resources in the community.

Our Values

  • We are committed to natural support networks.
  • We are committed to building community partnerships.
  • We are committed to self determination and choice.
  • We embrace and are committed to Person Centered Planning approaches.
  • We are committed to achieving, ensuring and protecting rights of all persons with a developmental disability.
  • We are committed to developing and encouraging families of people using supports to be involved in the life of their family members.
  • We are committed to empowerment of the people we support.
  • We are committed to enhancing the life of all people through systems advocacy on local and statewide levels.

Person Centered Culture

In 2008 ABS began a grant project to become a “Person Centered Organization”.

Working with a core group of leaders that included people receiving services, parents, direct care staff, and administrators, ABS began the process of changing the way we thought about our mission and the methods we used to help people achieve their goals and dreams.  How we listen to the people who receive our support and their families became our focus, how we help people have the life they want by balancing what is “important to” a person with what is “important for” a person became our aspiration.

Since that time we have positively impacted the culture of our organization. We have certified PCT trainers on staff and all employees complete 2-day training on Person Centered Thinking.

Striving to accomplish our Mission with commitment to…

Community inclusion

Providing supports in the most integrated environment possible

Person-centered supports

Promoting physical and emotional well-being

Promoting fairness, equality and justice for people with disabilities

Encouraging family involvement




Supporting people in a variety of community based settings.

Certification / Accreditation

Ability Building Services is certified by the State of South Dakota, Division of Developmental Disabilities.

Nationally accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership.